The city of Grodno is called royal. It is famous for its majestic castles, elegant churches, which attract travelers from all over the world.

Grodno castles are the first thing that attracts tourists in the city. They are preserved here two: Old, built in the Middle Ages,

Old Castle

and New - the royal palace of the XVIII century.

New Castle

One of the oldest churches of Belarus is located in Grodno- Borisoglebskaya (Kalozhskaya) church. It was built in the 12th century on the high bank of the river Neman.

Kalozhskaya church

The church is made in an interesting style with the use of colored boulders and tiles, which form various patterns, crosses and rhombuses. Inside the walls are built clay pots to create the perfect acoustics of the building. In 1853, due to a landslide, the walls were partially destroyed and after that they were restored and replaced with wooden ones. Fortunately, the frescoes of the ancient paintings were preserved. The church is functioning now.

It attracts tourists with its magnificence Cathedral Church Francis Xavier, which is located in the central square.

Cathedral Church Francis Xavier

Inside, you can find a large number of rare decorative elements, a fresco painting of 1752, an amazing altarpiece.

This cathedral is also known for the most ancient in Europe operating tower clock, where they were transferred from the town hall.

To present the list of attractions in Grodno without the Annunciation Church, the Church of the Acquisition of the Holy Cross and many other impressive temples is almost impossible today. To see them definitely worth it. Moreover, most of them are compactly located within the boundaries of the central part of the city. Therefore, they are difficult to pass by.

The Holy Virgin Cathedral was built in memory of the soldiers killed in the Russian-Japanese War.

The city of Grodno in general is a unique record holder of Belarus in several different categories. In addition to the old church, there is also the oldest theater and the oldest zoo of the country, the oldest pharmacy, the oldest synagogue(the Great Choral Synagogue is recognized as the most beautiful synagogue in Europe) and the only one active Lutheran church in Belarus.

Grodno Drama Theater is a kind of calling card of the city.

Another hallmark of the city of Grodno is the house-museum of Eliza Ozheshko.

Eliza Orzeszkowa - outstanding Belarusian writer of the XIX century, respected by Belarusians and Poles. The building of the museum - a replica of the house. Rooms are decorated with furniture and objects of the era Eliza Ozheshko. Of the surviving original items here are: a fireplace and a mirror, herbariums made by Ozheshko herself, lifetime photos and books by the writer.

Opposite the house-museum of Eliza Ozheshko majestically located the main building Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno. This building is also of cultural and historical value for the city.

Near the main building Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno is the most popular place for recreation - the park of Zhiliber. The park is located on the site where the botanical garden of Zhiliber used to be. It is suitable for families and for quiet privacy.

Remembering the sights of the city of Grodno, we can not fail to mention the agrotourist complex "Garadzensky Mayentak" "Carobchitsy" - an open-air museum. It is located 5 km from the city. On the territory of the complex there is a park zone, a restaurant of national cuisine "Zevan Castle", a historical and cultural complex "Partizansky Camp", an equestrian club "Amadeus Favorit", workshops of folk artists, blacksmiths, wood carvers, a zoo.

Half of the area of ​​the complex agrotourism is a protected area. You can get into it only on the coach, chaise lounge or chaise. On this territory it is impossible to move independently.

It is here, on the territory of the complex, you can feel the true spirit of the national culture of the Belarusians.

In Grodno many interesting places that keep their secrets, legends and stories. Tourists will be interesting, informative, and most importantly a pleasant stroll through the ancient streets, look at the decoration of churches, monasteries, cathedrals and enjoy the picturesque panorama of the city from the banks of the Neman.