How to get to Grodno?

If you are travelling to Grodno from Vilnius Airport

From the airport to Vilnius you can get on the bus number 1. Coming from the bus station to the bus station in Vilnius in Grodno ride buses on schedule:

From Vilnius to Grodno

Departure Arrival
13:00 (Fri,Sat,Sun) 18:00 (Fri,Sat,Sun)
14:20(Tue,Fri,Sun) 19:05 (Tue,Fri,Sun)
14:50 (Mon,Wed, Thu,Sat,San) 19:35 (Mon,Wed, Thu,Sat,San)
17:00 21:50

From Grodno to Vilnius

Departure Arrival
06:10 (Mon,Wed,Thu,Sat,Sun) 9:00 (Mon,Wed,Thu,Sat,Sun)
07:10 (Fri,Sat,Sun) 10:10 (Fri,Sat,Sun)
09:00 11:50

The Grodno-Vilnius/Vilnius-Grodno bus timetable is available here: or

If you are travelling to Grodno from the Warsaw Chopin Airport

From the airport to Warsaw it is possible to get in the daytime by buses 148, 175, 188 and 331, at night - by bus number 32.

There are also direct buses from the airport to Grodno.

Bus schedule Warsaw-Grodno and Grodno-Warsaw:

From Warsaw to Grodno

Departure Arrival
10:00 19:20
10:30 (from airport) 18:00
14:35 (from airport) 23:50
17:35 (from airport) 02:30(Fri,Sat,Sun)

From Grodno to Warsaw

Departure Arrival
17:00 21:35(Tue,Wed,Sat,San)
13:20 22:20(Tue,Wed,Sat,San)
23:10(from airport) 04:20

The Grodno-Warsaw/Warsaw-Grodno bus timetable is available here:

From Warsaw to Grodno, you can get with one transfer to Belostok, Poland.

You can go to Bialystok directly from the airport. The timetable is here:,

There is a possibility to travel to Grodno from Bialystok by bus/minibus, which run daily from Bialystok bus station at 12:00; 13:00; 14:40; 15:30; 16:00; 17:00; 19:10. The timetable is at your disposal here:

If you are travelling to Grodno from the National Airport “Minsk”

Departure Arrival
17:00 21:35(Tue,Wed,Sat,Sun)
13:20 22:20(Tue,Wed,Sat,Sun)
23:10(from airport) 04:20

From the National Airport Minsk to Minsk go by buses № 300Э and 173Э, minibus №1400-TK, №1430-TK. BUS № 300Э (follow up Central bus station).

From Minsk to Grodno you can come by bus or by train.


Buses and minibuses run every hour from Minsk Central bus station. The timetable is at your disposal here:,


The railway station is situated near the bus station.

From Minsk to Grodno
Departure Arrival
01:30 08:12
02:38 08:39
07:01 11:43
12:28 19:32
15:31 22:56
16:50 22:06
23:13 06:55
From Grodno to Minsk
Departure Arrival
06:25 11:29
15:15 20:02
15:51 22:43
16:29 23:38
16:53 23:02
17:28 00:40
23:41 07:25

The timetable is available here: This site also service online-ticketing is available.